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KWID Shows Kids the Power of Time

Most people think a timepiece is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction. But I have seen the face of a KWID wristwatch, and I can tell you: they are wrong. You may wonder what the KWID is and why I say this. Come, and I will tell you of a watch like none you have ever seen.

Ok, that's enough Prince of Persia for now. You have to admit, you'd expect to see an hourglass on an ancient Mediterranean time-manipulation dagger, not on a modern-day watch. The distinctive sand-powered timer is meant to teach your little ones the value of time management. Just set the time, and your little bundle of joy will see the sands trickle down the hourglass.

Once your child has learned how to read time conventionally, they can switch to a standard analog clock face. No, it doesn't come with a rewind function.

[source: Babyology via Oh Gizmo]