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Kruikantoor Makes Startups Portable

Dutch designer Tim Vinke portable office concept packs all your office furniture into a portable two-wheel cart. Take Kruikantoor apart and you'll end up with a shelf, a desktop, a chair for yourself and another to entertain business or personal contacts. A power strip that resolves into one extension cord out of the unit is on hand for your equipment. No info on weight and durability was available as of this writing.

Kruikantoor might be the right thing for entrepreneurs who haven't raised enough capital for office space. Though we doubt any coffee shop would eagerly welcome hordes of these carts into their premises. Whatever the case, the portable office needs an improvement or two—gear towards true mobility and independence.

For instance, instead of relying on external power, maybe the desk can come with its own battery supply, rechargeable after an entire day of productivity? Most probably the only thing Kruikantoor will power are laptops and other low-power items like cell phones and media players—there's simply no space for heavy-duty items like printers and desktops.

On top of that, why not equip the desk with its own 3.5G or 4G hardware? This would allow users to go online, without looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot to leech off from.

Kruikantoor is clearly in the mock-up stages, so we might have to wait for a while (or forever) for the product to hit the market.

Kruikantoor: Portable office on wheels for starting entrepreneurs