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Meet Tesla's Sleek Solar-Powered Rival

The company now known as Karma Automotive has gone through a lot of name changes, but throughout every transition one thing has always remained the same: the idea of delivering a car that's fast, sexy and eco-friendly. And with its newly announced Revero hybrid sports car, Karma now has something it thinks can take on Tesla.

With a sticker price of $115,000 the Revero ain’t cheap, but unlike Tesla’s range of all-electric cars, when you run out of power, the Revero can switch over to a traditional gas engine for extra range. For eco-conscious drivers, the Revero can be charged via a traditional plug, or by using the solar panel installed on its roof.

Karma Automotive, which had been previously gone by the name Fisker, was known for a plug-in electric car called the Karma (confusing isn't it?). But with lifetime sales topping out at just 2,000 and a modest sales goal of 900 Reveros in its first year, it seems like Karma is still pretty far from catching up with — let alone taking down — EV manufacturers like Tesla.

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While the company didn’t release performance numbers such top speed or 0-60mph times, with looks like this, it’s going to need at least a little oomph to back up its style. Thankfully, we should get more info in about a month when Karma does a full reveal on Sept. 8.