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JetLev: The $100,000 Water-Powered Jet-Pack

Jetlev unveiled an awesome new toy last week that made every Super Mario Sunshine dream come true. Unfortunately, they found it difficult to store an endless supply of water in a backpack, so there's just one major difference between the Jetlev Flyer and our favorite plumber's jetpack.

Unlike most traditional jetpacks, the Jetlev features two separate vehicles connected by a large hose: the jetpack itself and a miniature speedboat component packing a 250 horsepower motor and water pump. This miniature boat is connected to the jetpack by a 33 foot long hose that pumps water from the large body of water below at a whopping 1,900 Newton, which is enough power to lift up to 330 pounds.

Since the pack is tethered to the water via the hose, the Jetlev has a maximum altitude of 8.5 meters but is able to run for up to two hours at a speedy 35 miles per hour. As you can see from the video below, the Jetlev can be loads of fun and is probably a lot safer than a real jetpack.

The price of the Jetlev is at a steep $100,000 but is targeted at rental businesses which will allow you to play with the Jetlev at a fraction of the cost.