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Yamaha Wakes You Gently With iPod Alarm Dock

Yamaha today released a sound dock for iPods and iPhones with the company’s proprietary IntelliAlarm. The Yamaha TSX-140 with IntelliAlarm promises to wake you up gently and stress-free.

Unlike regular alarms, the TSX-140 doesn’t go off blaring at full-volume at the set time. Instead, the TSX-140 begins the waking process by filtering out high frequencies, which Yamaha deems uncomfortable, and gradually restores the frequencies – then finally beeps just in case you aren't awake.

“The Yamaha TSX-140 is designed for the consumer who wants a no-compromise sound experience, even on a nightstand,” said Tom Sumner, President, Yamaha Electronics Corporation. “IntelliAlarm offers consumers a gentler, more natural way to get going in the morning, instead of being jolted out of a sound sleep.”

The TSX-140 also features a standard USB mini-B connector for syncing iPhones and iPods. Yamaha equips the TSX-140 with MP3 and WMA file playback via USB for those that don’t have an iPhone and iPod as well.

Yamaha offers the TSX-140 in black, brick and gray finishes with a steep $399.95 entry fee.

[Source: Hot Hardware]