iPhone SE Goes On Sale: Here's How to Buy Apple's Phone

If you're eager to get your hands on Apple's new iPhone SE, you certainly have a lot of options. The 4-inch smartphone goes on sale today (March 24), and it's available through all four major wireless carriers as well as Apple.

Apple took the wraps off its latest smartphone earlier this week. The $399 iPhone SE features a 4-inch screen along the same A9 processor and 12-megapixel rear camera found in Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The new phone also supports Apple Pay. It arrives in stores on March 31.

Already in love and want to make sure you get the iPhone SE as soon as it's available? Here's how to buy yourself one now.

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Where Can I Get the iPhone SE?

Carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon have already opened up their pre-order pages, so you can go and buy the new phone already. You'll get the device in your hands as soon as March 31, depending on how early you submit your order.

You can also pre-order the iPhone SE via Apple's website, where you can pick any carrier-branded version of the phone, or even go SIM-free.

Other retailers, such as Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon, have yet to announce that they're offering the iPhone SE, but it is likely that they will have the device available soon. We will update this story with that information as it happens.

How Much Does the iPhone SE Cost?

The iPhone SE is available in 16GB and 64GB capacities that cost $399 and $499, respectively if you choose to pay the full price up front. With carrier financing, though, you can break your payments up into 20 to 30 monthly payments to get the new iPhone at a more manageable rate.

On AT&T, you can choose to pay for the 16GB iPhone SE over 20, 24 or 30 months at $20, $16.67 and $13.34 installments, respectively. T-Mobile and Verizon both sell the 16GB model for 24 monthly payments of about $16.66, and the 64GB version for about $20.83.

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Sprint offers special pricing, letting you get a free iPhone SE if you sign a two-year contract. If you don't want to be tied down with a two-year plan, you can also pay for the phone over 24 months with payments of $16.67 each month for the 16GB model.

Those who signed up for Sprint's iPhone Forever leasing program will be disappointed to learn that the iPhone SE does not qualify for that annual upgrade program. Sprint says iPhone Forever offers a "next generation iPhone every year," and that the SE is not considered to be a "next generation device."

Special Promotions

Right now, none of the carriers are sweetening the deal with their own promotions. Apple, however, offers a Trade Up With Installments plan that lets you get the new iPhone for as low as $10 a month. Depending on the phone you trade in, you can get the iPhone SE for between $10 and $14 per month.

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