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iPhone OS 3.0 Hints at New Hardware

Since the iPhone 3.0 preview, we (okay, I) have been getting pretty excited about the prospect of some new hardware at the beginning of the Summer. Shaky signs have pointed to yes so far and while we’re not entirely convinced we’ll see a new iPhone, recent reports have us holding our breaths.

Citing the same source that gave them Bluetooth tethering, MMS and copy/paste prior to the March 17 preview, Boy Genius printed reports about new iPhone hardware . According to the BGR, it’s not just a new iPhone, it’s new iPhones and new iPod Touches.

Just to recap, when the last reports about a new iPhone came about, it was code referencing iPhone 2,1. The first generation iPhone was referred to as iPhone 1,1 and the second generation (3G) was iPhone 1,2. This suggested a full point upgrade would go towards a complete design overhaul, not just the addition of 3G connectivity.

Here’s what BGR’s source found when poking around in the iPhone OS 3.0 restore ramdisk:

iPhone2,1 - 0×1294
iProd0,1 - 0×1295
iPod2,2 - 0×1296
iPhone3,1 - 0×1297
iFPGA - 0×1298
iPod3,1 - 0×1299

The source also gives an example of current devices as a frame of reference, just to show us how things could pan out:

iPhone First Gen - 0×1290
iPod touch 1G - 0×1291
iPhone 3G - 0×1292
iPod touch 2G - 0×1293

So is it possible June will see more than one new device (iProd)? We’re praying there won’t be an iPhone Nano (sometimes size does matter), but we’re not so sure anymore. Anyone have any suggestions? Also, what would you guys like to see in what looks like a revamped iPod Touch? So many questions. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

  • ricardok
    Just a new hype created by Apple so ppl will start saving money for a phone that is cool, but it's not fully featured.
  • Tedders
    RicardoKJust a new hype created by Apple so ppl will start saving money for a phone that is cool, but it's not fully featured.You have to admit tho, if it isnt full featured now, it sure as heck will be pretty close when 3.0 is released.
  • kansur0
    - Forward looking they can watch us.
    - GPU (my call is ATI ...OpenCL)
    - 64Gb Drive? Possible?
    - Antennea for Satellite Radio? (probably not)
    - Laser pointer (just kidding)
    - Microwave (just put it on your tupperware...heat your lunch...HEY!!...they can charge wirelessly...why not heat stuff up?)
    - The same hardware plug on the bottom so we don't have to rebuy hardware to do charging and video (although they will come up with an excuse like...3G was iPhone is HDTV)
    - Stun Gun Attachment (oops...third party vendor)
    - Hand made by Steve Jobs (they gotta make him earn his money somehow!!! Get him to autograph it with an engraver!!!)
  • JMcEntegart
    @kansur: That last one is classic. Sadly I think a lot of Apple fans would be well up for an engraved autograph on their iPhone. Sad times we live in lads, sad times.
  • kansur0
    Well...If you look at the discipline of Martial Arts...they have black belts and little symbols to show how good they are. autograph on a device would not show how smart you are...but a hand autographed iPhone by none other than Steve Jobs himself sure would put you at the top of the stack of nerds!!!
  • Coolio_alert
    "So is it possible June will see more than one new device (iProd)"
  • spacemanbiff
    I'd like to see better ergonomics for the iPhone, iTouch. Trying to hold in one hand, select app, zoom in to read phone number is not trivial. Not sure how to make that easier.