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Surprise! 10 Ways iPad 2 Feels Different

Unexpected Possibilities

For gadget fans who value self-expression at least as highly as media consumption, the original Apple iPad felt a bit like a straight-jacket. At least, that’s why I didn’t buy one. My abilities to type quickly and share easily are the main tools I use to communicate with the world both in my job, and in the rest of my life. Computers have always helped me to communicate better and faster. I didn’t want one that slowed me down, and when I tested out the original iPad, it definitely slowed me down.

Perhaps it’s just the passage of time and evolution of applications since the launch of the original iPad, or maybe it’s the improvement in specifications and features in the second version, but it seems that the iPad 2 now holds more appeal for the creators and communicators of the world. Of course, there are still aspects of using the iPad 2 that make me cringe, but there are far fewer than there were about a year ago. The difference in experience between using the iPad 2 and original iPad is significant enough that I felt surprised often during the testing period, even after reading all about the gadget. I think this difference marks a crucial development in the evolution of tablet computing, and has more to do with how consumers feel about using the product to communicate, create and experience things than it has to do with specs like the screen resolution.

Read on for ten things about using the iPad 2 that surprised me—in good ways and bad ways.