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iOS 10 Bricked My iPhone (and Might Brick Yours, Too)

Update: 2:47 p.m. ET -- Added Apple comments and how we wiped the phone. Original story below.

Scattered reports suggest that the update to iOS 10 is bricking iPhones when users try to update. Tom's Guide can confirm the issue -- it happened to my iPhone 6s Plus during an over the air update.

Currently, my iPhone's screen displays a lighting cable and the iTunes logo, which means that it's prompting me to plug into a computer with iTunes. However, when I did I was greeted with error messages. Attempting to update didn't fix the phone, but we managed to restore it to factory settings. In theory, I should be able to restore to a backup when I get home to my laptop.

Searching for the issue on Twitter results in a number of users complaining that their phones are asking users to plug into iTunes. Apple provided the following comment to Recode:

A Tom's Guide staff writer who updated his iPhone 6 Plus managed to update over the air.

We've reached out to Apple for comment and will update if it provides us with any more information.