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How to Stop Instagram from Oversharing

Instagram's latest default feature notifies your friends about how recently you used the app. This means friends can tell if you're ignoring their direct messages. Fortunately, there's a way to disable this Activity Status feature and regain at least a sliver of your privacy.           

This information is currently shared in Instagram's Direct Messages section, where you'll see each contact with whom you've privately chatted and how long ago he or she used the app. If a given contact is using Instagram at that moment, you'll see the words "Active Now." If you'd rather not have your activity status displayed on your contacts' accounts, this feature is easy to disable.

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The one downside to disabling this new feature is that you won't see your friends' activity statuses either. (That's a small price to pay, as I'd rather go unaware.)

Here's how to disable Activity Status sharing on Instagram:

1. In Instagram, tap on the profile tab.

2. Tap the three dots icon in the top right corner.

3. Scroll down to Show Activity Status and tap the switch to disable it.

Congratulations, you disabled Activity Status for Instagram! Now the Direct Messages window will list only the last message and how long ago it was sent or received.