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Innit App Makes Google Assistant Your Personal Sous Chef

LAS VEGAS — Hey Google, what's for dinner? For cooks using the Innit app, talking to Google Assistant is the first step towards creating a home-cooked meal.

Developed in part with Tyler Florence, a Food Network celebrity chef, Innit's appeal is that it breaks down each recipe into discrete segments — such as the proper way to mince garlic — and does so fully through voice commands, so you'll never have to worry about getting your greasy, fish-covered hands on your iPhone to read the next step in the recipe.

While Innit's app is already available, integration with Google Assistant is only being added this week. The app lacks the food-recognition feature of Whirlpool's Yummly app — with that, you merely point your phone's camera at produce, and it will identify it and suggest recipes — but Innit has a recipe-recommendation engine based on what you have on hand, your culinary preferences and your dietary restrictions.

Later this month, Innit is adding the ability to control appliances; it will eventually work with connected GE, LG, Bosch and Thermidor appliances to, say, preheat the oven to 350 degrees if the recipe calls for it.

According to Florence, who last year declared recipes "dead," what's innovative about Innit is not so much its integration with Google Assistant or smart appliances, but the way that it breaks down recipes into discrete packets of knowledge with transferable skills.

For example, if one recipe calls for you to chiffon chives, it will show you a short video of how to do exactly that. Provided you remember your knife skills, you can then use that technique with other vegetables.

Still, the hands-free aspect of using Google Assistant will be a definite plus, especially if you're using a Google-Assistant-enabled touchscreen, such as the Lenovo Smart Display. We're looking forward to prepping some meals using Innit to see how they turn out.