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IE9 Released: 'Beautiful' and Fast

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ser arrives after seven platform previews, one beta and one RC almost exactly one year after the release of the first platform preview in march of 2010 - and almost exactly two years after the release of IE8.  

IE9 comes with a chromified user interface that is much less intrusive that the traditional IE8 UI, several new security features such as a download smart screen filter for the download manager as well as tracking protection. Of course, there is also the new Chakra JavaScript engine which is very competitive in most JavaScript tests as well as hardware acceleration support. IE9 is not the first final browser to offer this feature (that honor goes to Chrome 10), but it is mostly because of Microsoft's force behind this feature that we are seeing hardware acceleration in today's modern browsers.    

The downside of IE9 is the fact that it is only supported by Windows Vista SP2 and higher - with a special focus on Windows 7. If you run Windows XP, you are stuck with IE8, or, if you follow Mozilla's Asa Dotzler, you can always use Firefox 4. That browser is, by the way, now scheduled for a March 22 release.

You can download the browser here:

Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 32bit
Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 64bit
Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista 32bit
Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista 64bit

  • dogman_1234
    FF4 FTW!
  • Marco925
    dogman_1234FF4 FTW!What he said
  • tipoo
    Actually pretty good, but without extensions its only a backup browser for me. Kudos to them for being first to the ground with a stable release of a GPU accelerated browser.
  • lucky015
    Marco925What he saidWhat They Said.
  • mayankleoboy1
    ^ +1.

    without extensions IE = fail.

    i can live with 2 more seconds of rendering but i cant live with the f*****ng ads that crop up everywhere
  • warezme
    what ya'll said...,
  • zerapio
    FF4 is in RC now. It should have been mentioned.
  • Marco925
    otacon72FF4 can't do flash FF=Fail.Firefox 4 is not finished yet.....
  • killerclick
    Damn, I already have to test my websites in MSIE 6, MSIE 7, MSIE 8, FF 2, FF 3, Chrome, Safari, Opera 9, 10 and 11 and now I'll have to add MSIE 9 and FF 4. I got like four virtual machines just to test sites on older browsers...
  • cjl
    otacon72FF4 can't do flash FF=Fail.What?

    I'm running it right now, and flash works just fine...