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The Latest iRobot Robot in Action With Tablet Interface

Roomba and Scooba maker iRobot was on hand at Monday night's The Digital Experience party with its latest creation, a linux-based robotics platform that utilizes tablet devices to issue commands to a wheeled robot. Using an easy to understand GUI interface, the operator draws a line with their finger. The robot will then follow the path set by the operator. The bot itself has a camera on its 'head' to allow the operator to see through its "eyes"; it is also able to sense obstacles and react to them with a high degree of accuracy thanks to laser sensors on the "head" and on the front of the base just above the wheels, and a ring of sonar sensors around the base.

Currently, the new bot is a concept in need of a purpose, but iRobot representatives stated they envision it being most useful in health care and home caretaking scenarios. They confirmed that they're partnering with Google and a medical technology firm to explore these possibilities further. They were gracious enough to let us get our hands on it, immortalized in the following video.