E-Reader with Built-In Google eBooks This Sunday

Monday Google said that the iRiver Story HD e-reader will be the first in integrating Google's eBooks platform. It officially goes on sale at Target stores nationwide and on Target.com for $139.99 this Sunday, July 17.

"The Story HD is a new milestone for us, as iRiver becomes the first manufacturer to launch an e-reader integrated with Google eBooks," said Pratip Banerji, Product Manager of Google Books. "We built the Google eBooks platform to be open to all publishers, retailers and manufacturers. Manufacturers like iriver can use Google Books APIs and services to connect their devices to the full Google eBooks catalog for out-of-the-box access to a complete ebookstore "

Although the actual specs surrounding the Story HD e-reader are unknown at this point, the gadget looks like Amazon's original Kindle e-reader but with bronze buttons. Banerji describes it as slim, lightweight, and features a high-resolution e-ink screen and a QWERTY keyboard mounted underneath. Built-in Wi-Fi allows the user to access hundreds of thousands of Google eBooks for sale and more than 3 million for free.

"You can also store your personal ebooks library in the cloud—picking up where you left off in any ebook you’re reading as you move from laptop to smartphone to e-reader to tablet," he said.

Google currently offers its online bookstore in a variety ways: through dedicated e-reader apps for iOS and Android platforms, via an app within Google's Chrome web browser, or simply by heading here or here (Android Market) in other browsers.

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  • restatement3dofted
    iRiver? I hope for their sake that this eBook reader turns out to be better than the garbage audio players they've been churning out for the last decade.
  • zoemayne
    wow thats basically a copy of the kindle design look at it.....
  • house70
    And this is exactly what I was talking about in my previous posts regarding spammers. When the FIRST comment is a spammer's stupid website and Tom's just refuses to implement a simple filtering system that eliminates messages that contain the SAME SPAMMING WEBSITES, then people that keep reporting over and over the same thing like myself are just ignored to the benefit of the spammers. Because it's always the SAME websites advertised in these spam messages, regardless of the poster's nickname.
    Thumbs up if you're with me on this and please repeat this type of suggestions until Tom's either gets rid of spammers or gets rid of us. Apparently, even if I have contributed to the forums quite a bit and I am positive I am not the only one that did that, spammers are more important to keep than readers like us. Way to go with this, Tom's, way to go.