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Photographer Uses iPhone 3GS to Shoot Models

If you're into photography, it's likely you've met someone who's said something along the lines of, "You know I'd love to take amazing photos like that but my camera just isn't up to scratch." You probably also know that good photography isn't just about the camera you use, rather the way in which you use it.

In an effort to prove this fact to readers, Lee Morris and Patrick Hall of decided they'd do a photo shoot with "the worst camera in the world." We all know the camera on the iPhone 3GS isn't exactly the best, but the video below proves that with a bit of skill, anything is possible. Well, skill and thousands of dollars in lights helps too.

Morris says they may do a shoot some day with just natural light but for now, they're just trying to prove that the quality of you camera shouldn't stop you from taking great pictures.

Check out the video below to see the magic for yourself.

If you want to see the unedited photos (before the retouching) check out the entire album on Flickr.