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Rumor Points to C&P in iPhone OS 3.0

Last week all anyone could talk about was Apple’s sneak peak at iPhone 3.0.

Due to be previewed tomorrow, iPhone 3.0 comes as quite the surprise and though no one is complaining, many are wondering whether Apple with omit the much sought after copy & paste feature that was left out of iPhone 1.0 and 2.0.

Kevin Rose, Digg creator and host of Diggnation, has said that cut & paste will indeed be included with iPhone 3.0 (cut & paste includes copy for those of you who are confused). During a live Diggnation show at SXSW in Texas, Rose said the cut & paste tool in 3.0 would see users double tap a word to activate the feature and then drag a set of quotation marks in either direction, after which a cut/copy/paste menu will pop up.

Rose has had some luck with previous Apple predictions, which throws weight behind his forecast; but at the same time, similar rumors regarding copy & paste did the rounds for iPhone 2.0 and, as most iPhone users will tell you, nothing came of it. We’ll wait for the real word from Cupertino tomorrow before we get excited.

Now that the preview is almost upon us and we’ve discussed probably every option we can think of for software updates, we’re starting to look forward to what’s looking more and more like a June launch for the new iPhone. What kind of revamps would you like to see both software and hardware-wise for the iPhone?

  • theuerkorn
    My contract isn't due for renewal before 18 months from now and the "3.0 hardware" leaves me relatively cold. I just hope that the OS can be upgraded in the 3G iPhone, especially if the copy/paste rumor is true.
  • fuser
    I doubt many people on this site are confused by the concept of copy & paste.
  • Hatecrime69 mean apple might have actually listened to people? Say it ain't so!
  • JMcEntegart
    @fuser: A couple of people last week specified between having copy/paste and cut/paste. Basically "Forget cut and paste, I want copy and paste" or vice versa. I just thought I'd clear things up. :)
  • Tindytim
    Copy&Paste encompasses Cut&Paste, so I don't see how the anyone could "prefer" Cut over Copy.