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iPhone OS 3.0 Preview Next Week

Amidst mounting speculation about the possibility of a new iPhone, Apple this morning sent out invites for the preview of iPhone OS 3.0.

Rumors so far have focused on new hardware as opposed to new software, so the news about the OS update comes as a bit of a surprise. That said, those of you who have been holding out for a new iPhone and think this is what all the fuss was about would be mistaken. The invitation drops heavy hints about what the company will have in store for the present and future iPhones.

The invitation doesn't give any clues of what the new operating system will feature, but the Cupertino company details that the preview on St. Patrick’s Day will be an "advance preview of what we're building." The event itself is taking place in Cupertino, which makes a change from the company’s previous locations for press events at conventions such as Macworld.

Before we move onto the big question about whether or not Steve Jobs will be there (we’re already bracing ourselves for tomorrow’s headlines), does anyone have any thoughts on what the new software will involve? Obviously copy & paste is going to be one of the big ones people want to see with 3.0 but what else do you guys want? Remember software only, so wish lists with front-facing cameras for video conferencing and a better quality camera for pictures are appreciated but off topic.

Will Steve be there? Who even cares anymore, let the man get better. He could show up just because things are starting to calm down and people are beginning to accept that he won’t be around for a while. That said, he could not show up (again) and people will assume he’s been abducted by aliens.

We'll bring you all the details at 10 a.m. PDT on March 17.