iPad and iPhone Sales Boosts Apple's Quarterly Growth

Apple has once again, unsurprisingly, boosted its revenue and profits for yet another fiscal quarter. The company posted a whopping $39.2 billion in revenue and $11.6 billion in profit, both up from the $24.7 billion in revenue and the $6 billion profit reported from the same period last year.

A lion's share of Apple's revenue came from the iPhone and the iPad. The former sold an estimate of 35.1 million units, which is apparently an 88 percent increase in sales from last year. The new iPad "undersold" in comparison to analyst expectations, but the iPad overall still boasted 11.8 million units sold, a 151% increase over sales from last year.

Other sectors in Apple's lineup aren't doing quite as well as the company's signature devices. Macs sold 4 million units, a 7 percent increase from the previous year's sales. It looks like the popularity of smartphones is really starting to take its toll on the iPod, as Apple posted a 15 percent sales decline in the iPod line (including the iTouch) with only 7.7 million units sold.

Even after competitors have risen to challenge Apple's dominance in the smartphone and tablet market, it looks like Apple is still king, for now. We'll see how Apple is faring against its competitors come this same quarter next year.

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  • rocknrollz
    I really believe that the Windows 8 tablet will be an Apple tablet killer.
  • frankbough
    I no longer carry any music device, I just listen to music on my phone. The battery seems to be able to play mp3s all day long quite happily. Dedicated music devices must surely have had their day now.