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Alleged iPad 3 Case Pics Point to Bigger Battery, New Display

We're all pretty eager for Apple to announce the iPad 3, if only to put a stop to the rumors and leaks that we've been hearing since the launch of iPad 2. That said, now that we're apparently getting close to the actual unveiling of the device, the rumors are getting pretty juicy. The latest comes courtesy of Repair-Labs, 9to5Mac and 9to5Mac claims that there are iPad 3 shells 'floating around China,' where the devices are manufactured, and all three sites have obtained their own photos of the casings.

Repair-Labs shows the iPad 3 shell next to that of an iPad 2 for reference and says the case points to a larger battery, a new camera, and an LCD different to the display currently in the iPad 2 (possibly a Retina display).

9to5Mac obtained its own high resolution photo of one of these casings showing the inside of what purports iPad 3's clothing, alongside the old iPad 2, while has posted the only image of the outside of the shell.

Obviously, it's impossible to verify the authenticity of these photos, but there does seem to be an awful lot of the cases floating around, which suggests the device is well into production. Either way, the latest rumors are saying we'll see an iPad 3 announcement in the first week of March, so we don't have long to wait to find out.


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