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Report: iPad 3 Shipments on The Way to the U.S.

You can tell the iPad 3 launch is drawing closer because the Apple rumor mill is running so hard it's practically smoking at this point. Today brings yet more talk of the actual launch event itself, as opposed to gossip about the device in question. The iPad 3 is expected to be announced in early March, but, of course, it takes a bit of time to ship a massive number of iPads from Asia, where they're manufactured, to the United States. Today brings news that Apple has already started that process.

A posting over on claims to show official documentation that states several shipments from Foxconn are set to arrive at three U.S. airports. The shipments in question are said to be under very high security and are scheduled to arrive in New York, LA, and Chicago no later than March 9, which is Friday of next week.

Recent rumors have the iPad announcement pegged for March 7, which is the Wednesday, but it's unlikely the iPad will be available so soon after launch. The first iPad was unveiled in late January and only went on sale in April. The iPad 2 was announced on March 2 of last year and went on sale nine days later, on March 11.

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