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iPad 2 Promo Image Points to February 9

Will Apple officially announce the much-rumored iPad 2 on February 9? According to a recently discovered image, that's the targeted date of the big reveal which proves and/or disproves everything we've talked about over the last year.

Given that Apple hasn't said anything official (or acknowledged that the 2nd-generation tablet exists, for that matter), the February 9 date could be a total farce. Still, as seen on the leaked promotional image's calendar icon, the supposed launch date reads Wednesday the 9th.

While the date itself could mean anything, the promo image for the original iPad had a Wednesday the 27th date, the same day it was officially revealed to the public in January of last year. Based on that one simple fact, it's easy to surmise that Apple will continue the tradition of teasing eager consumers with a hint or two prior to an official reveal.

To seemingly confirm the iPad 2 announcement. 9To5mac points out that the promo image for the iPhone 4 featured a calendar date of Monday the 7th-- the phone was officially revealed on Monday, June 7, 2010. The iPhone 3G promo image also offered a clue, showing Monday the 9th which secretly revealed the phone's big debut for Monday, June 9, 2008.

Is all of this just a coincidence, or have Apple fans finally broken the company's secret code? Guess we'll find out within the next few weeks.