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HTC Trashes Smartwatch Plans (Report)

Among giants such as Acer, ASUS, Motorola, LG, Sony, Samsung and Apple getting in on the smartwatch market, HTC has lost its nerve. Or, perhaps the Taiwanese electronics maker is just taking the road less traveled. Regardless of the impetus, PocketLint is reporting that HTC has ditched plans to release a smartwatch.

Earlier rumors said that HTC was working on its own smartwatch based on the Qualcomm Toq, with a possible release date for later this year. However, no prototype has yet surfaced. The Toq concept sported Mirasol's low-power display and wireless charging ability.

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With the lukewarm reception received by recent devices like the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, it’s clear that the smartwatch platform is still in its infancy. HTC may be hoping to skip out on the first generation of devices while the market works to determine the winning formula for a successful smartwatch.

Recently HTC has also seen a large number of its executives leave the company, and amid declining profits this move may be a way of preventing losses on a still emerging category. Stay tuned to Tom’s Guide for more IFA coverage and into the fall as the smartwatch battleground continues to heat up.

Via Pocket-lint

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