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HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer: 10X Faster Speeds

NEW YORK - HP has long been a household name in traditional ink printers, and now the company is going 3D. At a special event in New York, HP today (Oct 29th) announced its new Multi Jet Fusion technology, which is designed to allow for low-cost 3D printing at faster speeds than anything on the market when it arrives in 2016.

An open platform built for use across different types of 3D printers, Multi Jet Fusion aims to be 10 times faster and significantly more affordable than competing devices. The technology uses a print bar that produces over 350 drops per second at 21 microns, which, according to HP, is able to print 1,000 working gears in 3 hours. In addition to these gears, HP showcased a heavy duty chain link that was created with a Multi Jet Fusion printer.

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Multi Jet Fusion starts with a material coating process, after which a fusion agent is applied via a print bar that scans over the material. The material is then detailed, and finally exposed to an energy source in order to become fused together.

At the event, HP showed off a massive, currently-unnamed printer that utilizes Multi Jet Fusion. The device is about as tall as a small refrigerator, and as wide as a heavy-duty copy machine.

HP plans to build on Multi Jet Fusion’s feature set, which could someday include the ability to modify the elasticity of a single part of a printed object. The company didn’t give a specific name for its first 3D printer, but said to expect the technology to arrive by 2016.