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HP Chairman Poses With Apple MacBook Air

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

Reuters recently ran an Interview with Ray Lane, HP's executive chairman, which discusses his role as a possible "agent of change" at HP. Two pictures are part of the article - one with his Fisker Karma sports sedan and another picture in which he is pictured in his home in front of his notebook. That notebook is not an HP model; it clearly is Apple's MacBook Air.

Sure, Lane is also a venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and he is free to choose any product to work with, but, in this case, it may be rather unfortunate for Lane to pose with a MacBook Air. The title of the image reads: "Hewlett Packard executive chairman and Kleiner Perkins managing partner Ray Lane works on his computer at his home in Atherton, California November 11, 2011."

The strange implications are that Lane, on the one hand, silently approved Leo Apotheker's announcement to spin off HP's PC division (which has been reverted under Meg Whitman), and, on the other, HP could have had products such as the MacBook Air, had the company been more serious about nurturing its Voodoo enthusiast PC unit. It isn't such a big deal which PC Lane uses in private, but in a high-profile interview as well as in customer contact situations, lane should probably be seen with the HP brand.