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HP DV1000T Is Happy In The Office Or The Den

Using The HP Pavilion DV1000T: The Display

As the first chart below indicates the DV1000T's display has good uniformity of brightness. Minimum brightness is 117 cd/m^2; maximum brightness 155 cd/m^2. That's a range of only 38 cd/m^2. Mean brightness is 138 cd/m^2, which is good but not spectacular. Like most mobile computer displays the DV1000T's display is brighter in the center (note the bump in the middle of the chart). Unlike most laptops and notebooks, this laptop's brightness rises at the bottom of the screen. Brightness on most notebooks and laptops dips at the bottom of the screen.

When it comes to contrast the DV1000T's display shows decent mean contrast with a ratio of 160:1. However, contrast is somewhat uneven across the display as you can see in the second chart. Contrast runs from a minimum of 129 cd/m^2 to a maximum of 185 cd/m^2, a range of 56 cd/m^2.

The display works well indoors under all but the brightest lighting. Its brightness and contrast are adequate only for use in deeper shade outdoors.