HP DV1000T Is Happy In The Office Or The Den

Using The HP Pavilion DV1000T: Buttons, Ports, Jacks, Slots And Lights

These days, a number of higher end laptop and notebook computers are showing up with a passel of buttons that make it easy to play CDs and DVDs. You can see these in the photo above. They are on the keyboard deck of the DV1000T above the keys. Also like a number of modern mobile computers the laptop can do its multimedia thing without even booting Windows. And, if you're a remote kind of person you can buy an optional remote control to put the DV1000T through its multimedia paces without getting out of your favorite chair. You can store the remote control in the computer's Express Card slot.

While I'm talking about multimedia. The DV1000T comes with a built-in camera. The camera is positioned above the display, in the middle of the display housing. This is the prefect position for capturing a headshot of a person of average height. Image resolution and color aren't spectacular, but good enough for voice-video web conferencing and sending pictures to friends and family.

OK, now let's take our traditional quick tour around the four sides of the notebook. You'll notice some whitish objects on the left and right sides of the laptop above the ports, jacks and slots. Those are labels for the ports, jacks and slots below.

Left side, from left to right: external monitor port; docking socket; LAN jack; USB 2.0 port; ExpressCard slot; security cable slot; air exhaust vent is toward the bottom of the left side

Right side, from left to right, top to bottom: digital media slot (SD, XD, MMC, SM, MS, MSPro); USB 2.0 port; 1394 (Firewire) port; CD/DVD drive; S-Video out jack; USB 2.0 port

Front side, from left to right: left stereo speaker; in the dark area to the right of the left speaker: power light, hard drive light, battery light; IR port (part of display release button in center); microphone jack; headphone jack #1; headphone jack #2; right stereo speaker

Back side, from left to right: air exhaust vent; power connector

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