HP DV1000T Is Happy In The Office Or The Den

PCMark05 Test Results

The most interesting PCMark05 benchmark results are those involving CPU and memory performance. These are presented immediately below.

Given their identical CPUs, it's not surprising that the HP and Fujitsu notebooks achieved very close PCMark05 CPU scores. Note that both computers yielded very close memory test score results even though the HP had DDR2-533 memory and the Fujitsu had DDR2-667 memory. All of the memory test programs I use ran fine on the HP. Only Everest Ultimate Edition 2006 v2.50.480 was able to report speed information for the Fujitsu's memory and those numbers are highly questionable. Everest's reported speed for the N6410's memory bus is around 400 MHz with a 12:5 DRAM to FSB ratio. The N6410's FSB is 166. That works out to a speed of 800 MHz for the Fujitsu's 667 MHz memory. Not likely.

Another possibility for the lack of difference between PCMark05 memory scores for the two computers is that the N6410's 667 MHz memory has been clocked down to 533 MHz based on the 667 MHz timing issues I discussed earlier in the section on the 945 chipset. That's why I'm working with Fujitsu's engineers to clarify this whole matter. I'll update this section as soon as I hear.

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