HP DV1000T Is Happy In The Office Or The Den

MobileMark 2005 Test Results

Here are the results of the MobileMark 2005 Office application tests done on the HP Pavilion DV1000T notebook. Join me after the charts for a discussion of the results.

Though they have exactly the same CPU, the Fujitsu N6410 did slightly better on the MobileMark 2005 Office Productivity Performance benchmark than the HP DV1000T, 236 to 211. The differences are not that great. The 25 point delta is most likely attributable to the N6410's ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 graphics processor, which probably provided a little boost when the N6410 ran the office graphics parts of the benchmark. The N6410's faster hard disk drive may also have slightly raised the Office Productivity score. Differences in the average response time measure can also be explained in the same manner.

Right now I can't attribute the N6410's faster performance to its 667 MHz DDR2 memory (compared to the DV1000T's 533 MHz memory). As I mentioned earlier and will talk more about in a bit, the N6410's memory performed the same as the DV1000T's.

Given that both the N6410 and DV1000T have 43.2 Wh batteries, I was surprised by the different battery lifetimes shown by the two mobile computers. However, when you factor in the N6410's larger display and disk drives, the differences are not as surprising. The N6410's MobileMark 2005 battery life very closely matches that of another multimedia monster, the Toshiba Qosmio G25-AV513 (47.5 Wh battery) mentioned in the N6410 review.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Even though I feel somewhat comfortable with the MobileMark 2005 battery life findings reported here for the HP DV1000T, I have asked HP to check the battery after I return the laptop to them. This is just to make sure that the battery capacity is really 43.5 Wh and not higher. I'll edit this review to include the results of HP's assessment of the battery. I know, I'm letting the fox tend the chicken house. My own tests revealed a number of different capacity figures. So, I'm turning to the fox and hoping that HP engineering's reputation for honesty will rule here.

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