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How to Make GIFs on YouTube

GIF sharing is one of the Web's biggest productivity killers, and you can now make your own silly animated images right from YouTube videos. The online video giant just rolled out GIF-making functionality for select YouTube channels, making it easy to show friends a specific part of a video while overlaying your own snarky meme text.

If you're looking for a new way to distract yourself (and your pals), here's how to use the tool.

1. Open a supported video on The site's GIF tool seems to currently be limited to the PBS Idea Channel, so give it a shot over there.

2. Select Share.

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3. Select GIF.

4. Select the start and end times for your GIF. You can do this by dragging a slider over your desired portion of the video, or by entering the timestamps you'd like to capture. You can make your GIF up to six seconds long.

5. If you like, create a caption using the Top Text and Bottom Text field. This is the difference between obscurity and the next big Internet meme, so choose wisely.

6. Select Create GIF. Congrats! Your new GIF is ready to be spread around the world. You can share your GIF to social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, copy a direct link or copy an embed code to paste on your blog.

We're not sure if YouTube's new tool will become universal across all channels, but if it does, expect a meteoric rise in cat GIFs.

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