Pokémon Go Gets New Pokémon: Here's How to Catch Them

If you think you've caught them all in Pokémon Go, get ready for a new challenge. Developer Niantic Labs has finally added some Pokémon from the beloved Gold and Silver video games (also known as Generation 2) to its hit mobile title, though you won't be able to simply find them in the wild.

According to an official blog post, you can start adding newcomers such as Togepi and Pichu to your collection, but you'll need to hatch them from eggs. For those new to the game, eggs allow you to hatch a random Pokémon after walking a certain distance, so there's a fair amount of luck involved when it comes to getting these Generation 2 creatures.

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Niantic says that "these are the first of more Pokémon coming to Pokémon Go over the next few months," though you might not have to wait too long to expand your Pokedex. Some players have reportedly hatched such Gen 2 favorites as Magby, Elekid, Cleffa, Iggypuff and Smoochum, all of which are "baby" Pokémon that evolve into established characters like Magmar and Jigglypuff.

This week also marks the start of Pokémon Go's holiday event, in which you'll be able to catch special Santa-hat-wearing Pikachu until Dec. 29.

It's been a busy month for Pokémon Go, a game that was seemingly stagnating throughout the fall. Niantic has partnered with both Sprint and Starbucks to deliver special sponsored Pokéstops, and has rolled out a much-improved Pokemon tracking feature to most players.

If you're eager to dive back in and start catching some Gen 2 monsters, make sure to stock up on Eggs, which can be discovered randomly at Pokéstops or purchased in-game with real money.

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