OnePlus 6 Announced: Here's Where You Can Buy It

OnePlus has unveiled its latest challenger to the top-of-the-line phones from Apple and Samsung. And it's just about time to place your order on the OnePlus 6 if you're thinking about getting one.

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OnePlus says its new phone goes on sale May 22, with a special edition of the OnePlus 6 to follow June 5. That June 5 date is also when the company will start selling its new wireless headphones, the $69 Bullet Wireless earbuds.

We've now had enough time with the OnePlus 6 to test it and post a full review, and we're impressed by its new design, stellar performance, camera improvements and fast-charging capabilities. (We're less impressed by its battery life.)  If reading our review and seeing what other people had to say about the OnePlus 6 has convinced you this is the phone for you, here's what you need to know about ordering one.

How much does the OnePlus 6 cost?

In the U.S., OnePlus's new phone starts at $529 for the 64GB model with 6GB of RAM. OnePlus is also selling a 128GB model with 8GB of memory for $579 while a 256GB version with 8GB will set you back $629.

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OnePlus fans will note that the price of the 6 has creeped upward from last year's base price for the OnePlus 5T. That model sold for $499.

While it's somewhat disappointing to see the latest OnePlus phone cross over that mythological $500 threshold, the OnePlus 6 still costs hundreds of dollars less than flagship phones with similar premium features. The Galaxy S9 starts at $720 for example, and it doesn't have a dual-lens camera. You can get an iPhone 8 for $699, but an iPhone X will cost you $999 — a $470 premium over the OnePlus 6.

In other words, the price of OnePlus's flagship may have gone up, but the company's focus on offering premium features for midrange prices remains.

When can I get the OnePlus 6?

Two colors are available for pre-order starting May 22 — the Midnight Black and Mirror Black options. The $529 version with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage only comes in Mirror Black. You can get the 8GB/128GB phone in either color, while the 256GB option comes in Midnight Black only.

OnePlus has a third color, called Silk White, and we were particularly impressed with how that version looked when we spent some time with the phone. If you find the Silk White version similarly compelling, you'll need to be patient — that variant won't go on sale until June 5. It features 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage; like the two black OnePlus 6 models with those specs, it will cost $579.

Where can I buy the OnePlus 6?

If you're in the U.S., you buy directly from OnePlus. In other parts of the world, the phone maker has carrier and retail partners, but here it only sells the phone directly. Sales start at 10 a.m. ET on May 22.

OnePlus 6

What about the Bullet Wireless Headphones?

In addition to unveiling the OnePlus 6 at its launch event today (May 16), OnePlus also announced its first foray into wireless headphones. The Bullet Wireless earbuds will cost $69 and go on sale June 5. While they're launching alongside the OnePlus 6, the earbuds will work with the OnePlus 5 and 5T as well.

You turn on these magnetic earbuds by pulling them apart; when clasped together, they turn off. OnePlus is promising fast charging for the Bullet Wireless, with 10 minutes of charging giving you 5 hours of listening time.

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