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The Psion 5mx Redesign Project, Part 2: Your Input


Part 1 of this article was published on October 5, 2006. It included an appreciation of the Psion 5mx handheld and focused on a new 5mx design by Alan Pong, a former Psion user. MobilityGuru's editors asked in the article how readers felt about Alan's redesign and certain questions unanswered in the redesign. Our editors also asked what readers would do if they were in the design driver's seat. In this article I summarize the feedback we received from readers, the choices implied in that feedback and make some of the hard decisions required to bring the Psion 20xx to life.

This is Alan Pong's proposed design; computer generated graphics by Jason Zushman.

The left side of Alan's Psion redesign includes two USB ports and a VGA out connector; computer generated graphics by Jason Zushman.

The amount of feedback received by e-mail and posted on the Forum - equivalent to 100+ pages worth of excellent ideas, comparisons and experiences - proves that the original design and functionality that made the Psion 5mx so popular for so long definitely deserves an upgrade. So, let's begin building the Psion 20xx!

The basis for this quest was the eight questions asked in the October article's slideshow, which we'll leave here just as a reminder and for those of you who didn't read the first part:

And, because many other design possibilities were suggested and issues covered, we'll get into some of those too.

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