New Patch May Finally Fix Halo: Master Chief Collection

In what could almost be a parody of modern mainstream gaming, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, now on shelves for almost three months, still does not work properly. Patch after patch has tried to set things right, with varying degrees of success, but now a substantial new update promises to correct the online-play errors once and for all.

343 Industries, the current developer behind the Halo series, revealed information about its upcoming patch on the Halo Waypoint blog. The post promises "fundamental changes" to the Xbox One game's matchmaking search time, match search success and lobby/party functionality, all of which have contributed to a general air of difficulty when players attempt to play the game online with strangers.

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The patch will come out sometime in February, although 343 was not more specific than that. The changes are so sweeping, it said, that the patch might require beta testing from current Halo players. Although the company did not specify the update's size, it did promise that the fix will contain the "biggest changes to the Matchmaking system yet."

Players may also be interested to know that a number of updates are in the works for the Master Chief Collection playlists functionality, as well as the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta. There's nothing too exciting to report here, except that both programs will continue to expand and try to accommodate features that players have been requesting, such as Team Doubles for the Master Chief Collection's multiplayer.

In the meantime, 343 encourages fans to continue submitting reports of game malfunctions via the Halo Waypoint, Reddit, Twitter and other Halo hotspots online. Fans have every right to be skeptical of the new patch's purported efficacy, but maybe this will really be the one that gets the game up to working specs.

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  • Lmah
    This is the reason game companies need to stop hiding the fact they have a bad game to release and have a open public beta before it's released. Then from there they can have a proper timeline for release instead of releasing a game early with a lot of bugs.

    But companies don't do this because they don't want the people to know they actually have a bad game on their hands and don't want it to effect sales.

    Solution: Make a good game that people would want to play.

    Not saying the Halo series is bad, but the game clearly needed to be tested. Honestly who would buy the Master Chief collection for single player only, when the game does have pretty good online play from what I hear.
    I was a Day One buyer of Halo MCC. I've only been able to play a couple of games and have since not really touched it. I hope this February patch lives up to the hype. I've been playing Halo since its debut on the original XBOX, and still play it on PC.