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Google Just Fixed One of the Biggest Problems with Wear OS Watches

A new, faster processor is not the only improvement coming to Wear OS smartwatches. Today Google announced several improvements to its Wear OS interface, which makes features such as Google Assistant and notifications more readily accessible. 

The update, due out in September to all Wear OS 2.0 watches, changes the Wear OS interface in a few major ways.

Update (9/28/18): The new version of Wear OS is now available; here's how to get it. Unfortunately, Google confirmed to us that it will not be releasing its own smartwatch this year.

A swipe to the right will now bring you to a Google Assistant feed, which will not only show your recent interactions, but will also give proactive advice based on the context; for example, if you have an upcoming flight, the Assistant might show your flight status, or how long it will take to get to the airport.

A swipe to the left will open Google Fit, providing faster access to fitness goals and exercises. 

Another welcome change is that notifications will be condensed into a single, scrollable panel, rather than each one being relegated to its own screen. Swipe up from the bottom to see all your notifications, and then you'll be able to tap on individual messages and quick-respond to them from the same screen.

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These updates mean that current interactions will have to change. For one, swiping left or right will no longer be used to change watchfaces; you'll have to press and hold to give your watch a new look. 

All of these are welcome changes to Google's Watch OS interface, but what we're really looking forward to is a newer, speedier processor and hopefully longer battery life; currently, Wear OS watches last two days at the most. Will the new batch of smartwatches have these improvements? We hope.