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Destiny 2 May Hit Google Stadia with Cross-Save Support

Google's upcoming Stadia cloud-gaming service is poised to get a really big name ahead of its launch.

Credit: Google

(Image credit: Google)

In a report on Wednesday (June 5), gaming site Kotaku revealed that Destiny 2, one of the more popular online games on the market, will be available on Google Stadia, the company's cloud-gaming service. It'll launch alongside Ghost Recon Breakpoint and other marquee titles, according to the report.

Interestingly enough, Bungie is expected to announce its Stadia support on Thursday (June 6). And when it does, it'll also announce that the game will allow for cross-saving, so you can pick up your progress on different platforms, for Stadia, PC, and the Xbox One. Sony's PlayStation 4 won't allow cross-saving out of the box, according to the report.

But arguably the most important news is that Destiny 2, one of the biggest online games in the industry, will be coming to the cloud-gaming service. 

Microsoft is expected to announce details about its own cloud gaming initiative, called xCloud, at E3 2019. 

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Once that happens, we can expect an all-out war between Microsoft and Google in the cloud gaming market. And like the console wars of old, the winners will ultimately be the companies that can get the best games.

Google has at least fired a shot over its competitors' bows with its Destiny 2 win. And adding support for cross-platform saving means Stadia could be a go-to solution even for console gamers who want to pick up where they left off when they're not home. They can go back and play Destiny 2 on the console without worry of losing their progress.

Of course, Bungie hasn't confirmed its Stadia support or any other details about its Destiny 2 plans. It has, however, said that it will hold a streaming press conference ahead of E3 today. So stay tuned for official word.