Google Recalls Faulty Chromebook Charger

The HP Chromebook 11 is plagued by a faulty charger. Credit: HPThe HP Chromebook 11 is plagued by a faulty charger. Credit: HPGoogle announced today (Dec. 17) that it will recall the charger of the HP Chromebook 11. This recall comes after reports in November about overheating. Google stopped sales of the Chromebook then, and the company is now moving to replace the faulty charger. 

Users can fill out a form on the Google site to be sent a replacement charger, as well as packaging to mail back the faulty charger to Google for disposal. Google said it will soon resume sales of the Chromebook 11, with the new charger inside the box. The HP Chromebook 11 was originally released in October for $280.

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Google stated the recall is being undertaken with "the guidance and approval of the Consumer Product Safety Commission." The recall listed on the CPSC website stated, "There is one report of a small burn to a consumer and one report of minor property damage to a pillow from an overheating charger." The CPSC also notes that there are about 145,000 units that need to be replaced. The site also advised Chromebook users to immediately stop using the faulty charger and to wait for the replacement. 

Google stated that in the meantime people should use the Chromebook 11 with  "any other certified micro-USB charger, for example one provided with a tablet or smartphone." The company also stated that this issue is only with the HP Chromebook 11 and not other Chromebook models.

Source: Google via Ars Technica

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  • dextermat
    Facepalm anyone.... where's the quality control at???
  • JD88
    Only 9 chargers malfunctioned out of 150,00 sold. That's a very small percentage which would be incredibly difficult to identify in any sort of testing.

    These chargers were not manufactured by HP or Google as they were sourced by a third party supplier.
  • MultiplAds
    Chromebook 11 does not contain AMD processor. Thumb down :-)