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Those Chromebooks Shipped Where, Exactly?

Google never commented on questions where those notebooks were actually shipped to in the U.S. - and how many devices were shipped. But there has been a tracking utility that enabled the curious among us to find out how many Chromebooks shipped to a particular zip code.

A few days ago, Jesse Belcher added a Google Earth KMZ file that visualizes the data: More than 15,000 Chromebooks went to more than 6,000 (of a total of more than 40,000) zip codes as well as about 4,000 cities. Some zip codes in larger cities received more than ten Chromebooks and San Jose has clearly the highest concentration of shipments. Other than that, the distribution was fairly equal across the country.

Google reportedly ordered about 60,000 to 65,000 Chromebooks, which means that you could still receive a notebook if you signed up now. However, thousands of Chromebooks are going to Googlers as well as corporate testing environments, including that of American Airlines.  According to the shipment tracker, 59 Chromebooks were in transit at the time of this writing.