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Google Wants Nevada to OK Driverless Cars

We've all seen the science fiction movies where the cars drive themselves and all we puny humans do is just ride as passengers. Like how we get to have the internet at our fingertips with our smartphones, soon we may have automated cars that don't require us to drive in order to get from one point to another.

Google's been testing driverless Toyota Prius and Audi TT cars in California, and now the company is looking to Nevada to allow driverless cars. In a state when the illegal is legal, Google hired David Goldwater, a lobbyist based in Las Vegas, to promote the allowance of licensing and testing of autonomous vehicles, as well as to allow texting while in such a vehicle.

Goldwater argued before a State Assembly that autonomous car technology is safer than human drivers, would offer better fuel economy, and promote the local economy.

Las Vegas already has a driverless mode of transport – the Monorail, which shuttles Sin City-goers up and down the strip. Now the state is considering automated cars that can park themselves, perform automatic deliveries and driverless taxis.

The bill proposal is expected to be voted on before the Legislature’s session ends in June.

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