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Chrome OS Could Launch This Week

There is no smoking gun from Google yet, but we do have an invitation to see "a number of firsts" on Wednesday night, following the conclusion of the conference. The timing may be a bit odd, but there has been plenty of news around Samsung's upcoming Chrome Os notebook called Alex and it appears that Google is pretty much done with the Chrome start screen as well as a slightly changed Chrome OS UI that is more grey than blue. Of course, there is also the recently the launched file manager that is now part of Chrome OS.

It's a matter of your view whether Chrome OS is ready for the spotlight and commercial products. Our own tester, one of 65,000 CR-48 notebooks, suggests that Chrome OS is still a bit rough around the edges. For example, there is still no offline support for web applications. Google's I/O website suggests that Chrome OS will be a non-topic over the next two days as the company does not mention "Chrome OS" in its program at all. However, there are plenty of Chrome sessions that focus on building web applications as well as the use of HTML5 and apps is really what Google wants from developers. Personally, I would not be surprised if Google dropped the "OS" from the Chrome OS name and simply called the software now simply Chrome. For the user, it is difficult to make a decision between Chrome OS and Chrome anyway.

Your guess is as good as ours: Google may or may not announce Chrome OS, but there are not many opportunities to introduce the operating system and potentially give away free hardware to thousands of developers to provide an incentive to develop web apps.

  • fir_ser
    Hope it would be better than windows.
  • jhansonxi
    fir_serHope it would be better than windows.You can gauge it by the number of nuisance lawsuits from M$ against hardware vendors using it.
  • afrobacon
    I'm not sure if I want them to wait a little longer. It would be nice to see more support for Chrome OS; which is something I believe will happened soon after it debuts. However, I also don't think its quite ready (judging by my CR-48.)
  • warmon6
    fir_serHope it would be better than windows.
    Well for web surfing and cloud based stuff, from what i heard, is pretty decent.

    Although, it is really meant just for that. Web and cloud.

    Beyond that, powerful video editing tools, autocad, games, or anything else you may do and/or need may not be suited with this OS very well.

    Now this is depending on what you mean by "better than windows" ;)
  • poyntek
    The Chrome OS sounds great. However,I have been using this Chromium based OS for some time now and I think it is very well engineered, very quick and uses web apps...
  • TheCapulet
    fir_serHope it would be better than windows.You mean like coke is better than coffee, convertables are better than trucks, or iPads are better than desktop computers?

    The first is for relaxing or dicking around. The second is for getting shit done. ChromeOS:Windows.
  • palladin9479
    Well for web surfing and cloud based stuff, from what i heard, is pretty decent.

    Now quick, define "cloud based stuff". You are referring to Google Docs, Google Mail and some sort of web chat program. There are nothing more then Web Applications, also known as webapps. They've been available for over 10 years in one form or another. There has even been web based storage for over a decade now.

    Chrome OS seems to be a specialty device for web browsing, its Chrome web browser with a minimum OS for it to run on. Should be ported to tablet like devices inside of a laptop.
  • eddieroolz
    Good luck to Chrome OS. It's gonna need it - to find where it actually belongs in this world.
  • virtualban
    I am pro competition, and shaking Windows' base is a good thing IMO.
  • feeddagoat
    ChromeOS will require internet connection. ATM wifi even in towns is awful. My biggest fear of this is being left with an OS, with loads of apps yet not able to use them cause there are no suitable wifi hotspots.