Give Me Tech! Episode 2: Protect Your Tech Edition


Give Me Tech! Episode 2

Hide your kids, hide your phones, hide your tablets and hide your laptops! On this episode of Give Me Tech!, we're joined by our security experts, senior editor Paul Wagenseil and staff writer Jill Scharr, as we discuss the best ways to protect your tech. 

We start off by discussing smartphone security. With a new malware story breaking seemingly every week, we discover how safe all your pictures, snapchats and texts really are. Is a good antivirus program enough to stave off the growing wave of digital attacks, or are you better off downgrading to a feature phone?

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For those really worried about their precious cat videos being hacked, we discuss the Blackphone, the world's so-called "most secure smartphone." But can this device deliver the goods, or is it all hype? Also, folks looking for secure email and file sharing should stick around for our critique on DIME and Demonsaw.

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Give Me Tech! Episode 102 Cast:

Sherri L. Smith (@misssmith11)

Michael Andronico (@MikeAndronico)

Jill Scharr (@JillScharr)

Paul Wagenseil (@snd_wagenseil)

Edited by Alex Cranz (@alexhcranz)