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Dusk Tiger: The Next-Generation Robotic Guitar

The Dusk Tiger, despite its ferocious name, won't suddenly jump from your hands and strangle you with the strings. Quite the opposite in fact. This is probably the tamest guitar on the planet. It's so tame, you won't even have to tune it yourself: its helpful robot innards do that all for you, and more.

Gibson loaded this guitar for bear. It's got both piezoelectric and magnetic pickups; a knob lets you to find that perfect blend of acoustic and electric. Another knob controls your tuning and tone settings. To round things out, it also comes with built in a pre-amp and parametric equalizer. Bundled software lets you connect the guitar to your PC via FireWire for further tweaking.

All this non-homicidal robot technology comes at a price: around $4,150 to be specific. Hey, at least it won't try to murder you. Just your fans, as you blow them away with the incredible sound you'll be packing.

[source Gibson via Wired]