Getting Organized with PDAs

Sony Clié PEG-NX70V

As well as the usual functions for address and appointment management, the NX70V can also record and play back sound, photos and video clips - just like the Clié NR70V, the model it replaces. The sturdy magnesium case closes to protect the large display (55 x 82 millimeters) and the mini keypad. If you don't need the keypad, you can swivel the touchscreen around and over it - a clever solution. When you do this, the screen contents automatically rotate to suit. The display also serves as the viewfinder for the swivel-mounted camera. The quality of the 640 x 480 pixel digicam pictures is good enough for the occasional snapshot. However, blowing up sections of your pictures is not advisable because the pixel count of the CCD element is quite low (310,000 pixels).

Like the Palm Tungsten, the Sony uses an ARM processor (Intel XScale, 200 MHz). The NX70V achieves two to three times the speed of the Tungsten with this processor. Despite the high-performance, the four-hour battery life is only marginally less than the Tungsten.

Near perfect specifications, good performance and battery life - the Clié NX70V is the ideal Palm OS PDA for all those who need more than appointment and contact management from their handheld. No other device in this market segment currently offers greater functionality than the test winner in this group.

Smart! The NX70V display can be rotated and locked over the keypad.
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