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How to Get the HTC One A9 Before Its Price Goes Up

HTC may have just shot itself in the foot. One of the biggest selling points of the company's upcoming One A9 smartphone was its $399 unlocked price, considering all that it offered. But as it turns out, that might be too good to be true. The HTC One A9 will cost $499 after Nov. 6, making it much less of a steal. 

During our hands-on, we were impressed by the One A9's promising guts, relatively unobtrusive software (compared to previous versions of its Sense UI) and good looks. And for $399, it's a great value. But after the price bump, HTC's handset will have to contend with other, more capable phones in the same price range, such as the Nexus 6P. 

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If you're already convinced you want this iPhone-like Android Marshmallow device and want to save $100, here's how to get it now.

1. Go to the HTC website.

3. Select your preferred carrier (or unlocked) and color.

4. Press Pre-Order at the bottom.

5. Hover over the shopping cart at the top right of the page, then hit Checkout.