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Ricoh 500SE Digital Camera With WiFi, GPS, Kitchen Sink

"And this photo we took in... erm, George, where abouts did we take this photo? Ohh yes, that's right, 34.01 N, 118.40 W." Nothing like a digital camera that can geotag every photo you take so that when you load it up to your computer the GPS satellites can tag everything and tell you what's what.

The Richoh 500SE is packaged for outdoor use, coming in a waterproof casing and with Bluetooth as well as WiFi in order to ensure that wires won't be too much of a problem. It's really a bit of a hobbiest camera, though, as for $1,100 you could buy yourself a nice Digital SLR camera instead, and probably a map, compass and pencil while you're at it... Still, another good one from the Pretty Cool Department