The Game of Thrones Spinoffs We Want

Now that we've seen how HBO's version of Game of Thrones ends, we're all unwilling to part with the characters who made it through the deadliest winter ever. In that spirit, we've decided to explore what could happen next.

From nation re-building to the coming-of-age tales we were robbed of, here are the next chapters of the Game of Thrones universe that we want to see on TV — which will probably be produced before the The Winds of Winter or A Dream of Spring hit Kindles.

Beware: Spoilers are coming.

Arya's Western Voyage

What’s west of Westeros? Get ready to find out. We follow everyone’s favorite face-wearing assassin, Arya Stark, as she sets sail aboard the S.S. Sequel and charts a course off of the edge of the known map. Traveling beyond the boundaries of George R.R. Martin’s universe, the possibilities are limitless – giants, new kingdoms, sea creatures — and who knows, maybe even a Star Wars crossover episode. — Nick Bush

Editor's note: yes, an HBO exec dumped water on the chances of an Arya show, but the network will see the error of their ways once people shout "Dracarys!" at their HBO subscriptions.

The Rise of Sansa's Winterfell

Now that Sansa has won the independence of Winterfell, it's time to see the benefits — and dangers — of being the Switzerland of Westeros. Will her people accept a queen without a king (strong female rulers have an iffy track record in these parts)? Are there any downsides to being related to the all-seeing eyes of Bran? And most importantly, will she keep wearing that badass armor that she rolled out in Season 8? — Henry T. Casey

Jon and Tormund's Excellent Adventures

The end of Game of Thrones Season 8 sees Jon returning to the Night's Watch; reuniting with his milk-loving, wildling bud Tormund Giantsbane; and his beloved direwolf, Ghost. This is the perfect setup for a buddy-cop comedy set in the North, as Jon, Tormund and their loyal pup explore the forest to see what dangers and discoveries await. Free of the pressure of his heir to the throne, Jon can get back to being a badass, slaying whatever mysterious enemy pops up next. And Tormund and Ghost can share a big bowl of giant's milk. It'll be a great time. —Mike Andronico

More Dorne

We got a taste of Dorne's distinct culture and gorgeous landscape in Season 5, but Westeros' southernmost kingdom was largely absent until the new prince made an appearance in the series' final scene. This series could tie up some loose ends (is Ellaria Sand alive?), and provide some much-needed respite from the frigid lands of Winterfell. Oh, and if a war breaks out, there's plenty of sunlight for us to see what's going on. — Phil Tracy

The Great Braavos Bake-Off

Hosted by none other than Hot Pie, this show will pit Westerosi-would-be bakers against each other to see who can make the best kidney pie that looks like a direwolf. The first week’s mystery ingredient: fermented fish. Each week's winner will compete for the grand prize: the Arya Stark Award for Innovative Ingredients. — Michael Prospero

The Tall Tales of the Small Council

With Tyrion as Bran's Hand of the King, Bronn as Master of Coin and Lord of Highgarden, Samwell Tarley as the new Archmaester, Brienne of Tarth as the new head of the Kingsguard, and Davos Seaworth as the Master of Ships, it's time to see who will be Master of Whisperers (and if they need one), as well as Master of Laws and Master of War. Imagine Parks and Rec, but with more backstabbing, a greater appreciation of libraries, and a lot of sex workers.  — Henry T. Casey

Podrick Bigelow, Westorosi Gigolo

Celibacy shmelibacy! It's a new era in King's Landing, and the Kingsguard no longer need to keep their swords sheathed. Who better to help rebuild the brothels than the noblest squire and his magic weapon?  — Paul Wagenseil

Yes, Master of Coin

A black comedy about a royal financial advisor (Ser Bronn of the Blackwater) who is charmingly corrupt yet whose get-richer-quick schemes, like Sgt. Bilko's, always come to naught.  — Paul Wagenseil

Direwolf Pups

In this animated children’s show, the zany fun is just getting started after Jon Snow and Ghost discover a new litter of direwolf puppies north of The Wall. Whether they’re solving mysteries or trying to keep crazy Uncle Tormund upright after another ale bender, the adventures of these dogged investigators will have you barking with delight. — Nick Bush

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Grey Worm's Odyssey

Torgo Nudho and the Unsullied sail off for the Summer Sea and the late Missandei's home of Naath, but take a very long time – five years? – to get there. Along the way, they explore strange new islands, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no eunuch has gone before. Each episode promises a new adventure. — Paul Wagenseil

Where's Drogon?

For once, though, we'll see the world through Drogon's eyes, and find his motivating factors. No more Deus ex Machina plotting, it's time to see what drives the dragons that decide wars. Whether Drogon's trying to look for love in all the wrong places or trying to seek revenge on the bastard who stabbed Khaleesi through and through, his story will finally be told. And since the skies have no walls or limits, everyone's favorite surviving source of Dracarys ("dragonfire") now has the ability to navigate throughout every other spinoff in the Thronesverse. — Henry T. Casey

The Winds of Winter

George, please stop screwing around with prequels and just give us our book. We’re begging you.—Monica Chin

Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

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