How Much Is Your Galaxy S7 Worth Now?

If you’re ready to move on from your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, you’ve probably eyed the Galaxy S8 with envy. Or maybe the newly unveiled Galaxy Note 8 looks like it’s the phone for you. Regardless of which Samsung phone has captured your heart, you’ll want to know how much you can get back for your upgrade, particularly with the $900-plus Note 8. Here's what your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are worth right now.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

Based on the five vendors we evaluated, you could earn between $85 and $190 for your Galaxy S7, depending on its capacity, color, condition and included accessories. From our comparison, Gazelle offers the most money for your soon-to-be exchanged handset, followed by Walmart and Amazon.

Verizon and unlocked models tend to be valued higher, compared with Samsung Galaxy phones from other carriers, which are usually worth tens of dollars less.

From our observation, Best Buy is the only retailer that differentiates its price based on the color (with pink and silver offering you less of a return) of your Galaxy S7, but the deviation is typically only a few dollars. Amazon, GameStop, Gazelle and Walmart have consistent pricing for all colors.

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Our lists below show the maximum cash and credit offers you can now expect at these major retailers with trade-in programs. Before you rush to cash out on your trade-in, take note of your Galaxy S7’s condition. In some cases, your phone will need to be “flawless,” meaning no physical or internal damage. Devices that can’t power on are priced significantly lower.  Other places may ask for a working charger, as well. Check the terms at your retailer of choice before selling.

Our prices reflect the 32GB models for both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Samsung sold a 64GB version of the Edge internationally, but not in the U.S.

Galaxy S7 (32GB)

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Row 0 - Cell 0 AT&TSprintT-MobileVerizonUnlocked
Amazon$136 (all colors)$130 (all colors)$130 (all colors)$150 (all colors)$150 (all colors)
Best Buy(in-store credit)$164 (black)$126 (black)N/A$140 (black)N/A
GameStop(in-store credit/cash)$140 (all colors)$85 (all colors)$85 (all colors)$140 (all colors)N/A
Gazelle$150 (all colors)$145 (all colors)$145 (all colors)$155 (all colors)$155 (all colors)
Walmart(in-store credit)$136 (all colors)$124 (all colors)$124 (all colors)$136 (all colors)$154 (all colors)

Galaxy S7 Edge (32GB)

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Row 0 - Cell 0 AT&TSprintT-MobileVerizonUnlocked
Amazon$165 (all colors)$150 (all colors)$150 (all colors)$170 / N/A (all colors)$150 (all colors)
Best Buy(in-store credit)$168 (black)$168 (black)N/A$186 (black)N/A
GameStop(in-store credit/cash)$165 5 (all colors)$125 (all colors)$125 (all colors)$175 (all colors)N/A
Gazelle$180 (all colors)$165 (all colors)$165 (all colors)$190 (all colors)$190 (all colors)
Walmart(in-store credit)$147 (all colors)$133 (all colors)$129 (all colors)$147 (all colors)$169 (all colors)

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