Samsung Galaxy Fold: Specs, Price, Release Date and More

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Update May 24 at 1:35 p.m. ET: Best Buy says its canceling pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold. We're still waiting for Samsung to announce a new launch date for its foldable phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is more than just a smartphone. It’s a foldable device that can transform from phone to tablet and back again, giving you a canvas as large as 7.3 inches.The Galaxy Fold is innovative, but there arae questions around its durability and value.The Galaxy Fold is innovative, but there arae questions around its durability and value.This futuristic clamshell can also run three apps on the screen at once. Now, this versatility does not come cheap, as the Galaxy Fold will start at close to $2,000. So what is the Galaxy Fold, who is it for, what are the specs and what can you do with it? More importantly, when will the Fold launch now that Samsung has delayed the phone's release? Here’s everything you need to know and what to expect.

Why is the Galaxy Fold delayed?

Samsung has decided to delay the sale date, though that could be changing soon. The delay is related to display hardware failures that some early reviewers of the product were encountering during testing.

Some Galaxy Fold units broke after a protective layer was removed from the display, which users will be warned not to remove. However, other units seemed to get debris caught between the hinge and the display. In Samsung's statement, the company said that there might be some exposed areas of the hinge that need to be better protected.

iFixit posted a teardown of the Galaxy Fold that seemed to pinpoint some of the design flaws, but the company removed the teardown at Samsung's request.

In a Korea Herald interview on May 9, Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh said that the company had resolved the issues with the Fold and that it was nearing a decision on a new launch date. Another report claimed that Samsung would address some of the problems with the Fold by moving the protective shield inside the device.

Galaxy Fold release date, price and carriers

The Galaxy Fold was originally planned to release on April 26 with a starting price of $1,980. That didn't happen obviously. But we could soon get some clarity on when the Fold will arrive, now that Samsung says that problems with the device have been resolved. "We plan to announce the release date in the coming weeks," a Samsung spokesperson told Tom's Guide after Koh's Korea Herald interview.

When the Fold does come out, you'll be able to get it from AT&T and T-Mobile. It will also be sold through Best Buy and Samsung Experience Stores. In terms of monthly payments, you're looking at approximately $66 per month, or about double what you would pay for a $1,000 flagship phone.

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Galaxy Fold pre-orders started April 12. You can still sign up at Samsung's website to be notified about pre-orders. If you've already pre-ordered the Fold, Samsung is giving you until May 31 to confirm your order or it will be cancelled. Best Buy says it's cancelling pre-orders for the foldable phone. In a forum post, the retailer said interested shoppers could sign up for notifications on when the Fold will be released.

Don't expect wide availability with this phone. In an interview with The Verge before the Fold's recent troubles, Kate Beaumont, director of product, services, and commercial strategy at Samsung UK said, "We’ll have less supply than we would of the S10 at launch... This is a super premium device, and we want to make sure it has a concierge-like service and experience, so it’s not going to be on display in all stores."

Galaxy Fold Specs: What we know so far

Starting Price
Android 9.0 with One UI
Snapdragon 855
External display (closed)
4.6 inches (HD+)
Main display
7.3 inches (QXGA+)
Rear cameras
12-MP wide-angle (f/1.5 to f/2.4); 12-MP telephoto (f/2.4); 16-MP ultra-wide (f/2.2)
Front camera (closed)
10-MP selfie (f/2.2)
Front camera (open)
10-MP selfie (f/2.2); 8-MP RGB depth (f/1.9)
Fingerprint sensor
Power button
Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue

Who is the Galaxy Fold for?

Samsung is targeting the Galaxy Fold at early adopters who crave a single device that can double as a phone and tablet--and are willing to pay for that versatility. Traveling executive could potentially use this device instead of an iPad or ultraportable laptop, especially given its multi-tasking capabilities.

What are the sizes of the screens?

The Galaxy Fold has a small 4.6-inch screen when closed.The Galaxy Fold has a small 4.6-inch screen when closed.

The main display on the Galaxy Fold is pretty small at just 4.6 inches. It also has a pretty thick black border around the display. In a released Samsung video, it looks like it could be pretty tough to target smaller icons, such as the ones for toggling between the main camera, telephoto lens and ultra-wide lens.
The 7.3-inch screen on the Galaxy Fold is very immersive.The 7.3-inch screen on the Galaxy Fold is very immersive.When unfolded, the Galaxy Fold’s display stretches to 7.3 inches, which is larger than any phone in Samsung’s lineup. For example, the Galaxy S10 Plus has a 6.4-inch screen, while the upcoming Galaxy S10 5G features a 6.7-inch display. This is why Samsung can call the Galaxy Fold both a phone and tablet. The 7.3-inch display is great for watching videos and playing games.

What is App Continuity?

Samsung is touting two key features for the Galaxy Fold. The first is App Continuity, which enables you to use an app in phone app and let you enjoy that app on the larger canvas instantly. So, for instance, if you’re using Google Maps, you can unfold the Galaxy Fold and zoom in on the address you just looked up. Or you could be scrolling through Instagram and then unfold the design when you see a photo you really like.

However, an early Galaxy Fold user says that he has experienced lag when transitioning between the small screen and larger display with apps.
According to the leaker, there's a delay in apps recognizing the shift from one display to another that, in some cases, can last "a few seconds."

Running three apps at once

Thanks to Multi Active Window, the Galaxy Fold can run three apps simultaneously.Thanks to Multi Active Window, the Galaxy Fold can run three apps simultaneously.

The other key feature of the Galaxy Fold is Multi-Active Window, which allows you to run three applications on the screen at once. So, for example, you can text in one window while looking up restaurant recommendations in Yelp in another and the phone app open for making a reservation. Or you could be watching YouTube in one Window while checking your email in another and scrolling through Facebook in a third window.

How does the Galaxy Fold unfold?

The Galaxy Fold's dual-axis hinge lets it open and close like a book.The Galaxy Fold's dual-axis hinge lets it open and close like a book.You open the clamshell design just as you would a book or diary. The hinge disappears behind the display as the two halves come together. This design approach is different than the outward “Falcon Wing” folding design of the Huawei Mate X, for which both displays are exposed front and back in closed mode and then come together as you unfold the device.

Samsung says it engineered a sophisticated hinge with multiple interlocking gears, which is housed in a hidden enclosure.

According to a report in ETNews, Samsung is also reportedly trying to sell its foldable phone technology to the likes of Apple and Google for its upcoming phones.

Does the screen have a crease?

Galaxy Fold Hands-On Shows Crease

Leaked videos before the Fold's launch pointed to a crease along the main display where the phone folds up. Now that we've had a chance to use the Fold, we can confirm that the crease is noticeable, especially when using apps with light backgrounds. However, it's less prominent when you're looking at the screen head-on and we didn't find it to be too much of a distraction.

For what it's worth, Samsung put out a video of its own, showcasing the durability testing that the Galaxy Fold undergoes. The video doesn't explicitly address concerns about a visible crease, though it does seem designed to re-assure potential Fold owners that the device will hold up to repeated use.

Galaxy Fold Durability

Galaxy Fold Color options

The Galaxy Fold is thick when closed at 0.6 inches, but it is gorgeous.The Galaxy Fold is thick when closed at 0.6 inches, but it is gorgeous.The Galaxy Fold will come in four colors, including Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue. However, the blue color may not be available in all regions.

Lots of cameras

Like the Galaxy S10 Plus, the Galaxy Fold has an ultra-wide camera, a wide camera and telephoto lens.Like the Galaxy S10 Plus, the Galaxy Fold has an ultra-wide camera, a wide camera and telephoto lens.Samsung packs the Galaxy Fold with six cameras. It starts with a triple camera setup on the rear that’s similar to the Galaxy S10 Plus. There’s a main 12-MP wide-angle camera, a 12-MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom and a 16-MP ultra-wide camera that’s good for capturing landscapes and panorama shots.

When closed, the front camera on the Galaxy Fold features a 10-MP selfie camera. And, when unfolded, the front right side of the Fold sports both a 10-MP selfie camera and 8-MP RGG depth camera, which will come in handy for taking portraits with bokeh effects.

Key Specs: CPU, RAM and storage

The Galaxy Fold comes with 12GB of RAM standard.The Galaxy Fold comes with 12GB of RAM standard.

The Galaxy Fold is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 processor and a whopping 12GB of RAM. You’ll also get 512GB of storage on board, which is a lot but less than the 1TB available on the highest-end configuration of the Galaxy S10 Plus. Also note that the Fold doesn’t have a microSD card slot for expansion.


Thanks to Wireless PowerShare, the Galaxy Fold can charge other gadgets.Thanks to Wireless PowerShare, the Galaxy Fold can charge other gadgets.The Galaxy Fold has two batteries that combine to offer a robust capacity of 4,380 mAh. That’s more than what you’ll find on the Galaxy S10 Plus, which has a 4,100 mAh battery. On our battery test, the S10 Plus lasted an epic 12 hours and 35 minutes, but it also has a smaller display at 6.4 inches. We’ll have to see how the Galaxy Fold measures up.

Samsung's foldable phone will also feature Wireless PowerShare, which allows you to charge other phones or gadgets, like the Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds, by placing them on the back of the Galaxy Fold.

Will it have 5G?

Samsung says the Galaxy Fold will come in both 4G and 5G versions, but there’s no word on the release date for the 5G Galaxy Fold and how much more it may cost. The version we tested only offered LTE connectivity, and that's the one that will ship once Samsung sets a new launch date.

More Galaxy Folds on the Way

According a report in Bloomberg, Samsung is working on two other foldable phone designs, including a clamshell and a more direct competitor to the Huawei Mate X with an exterior folding design. A patent shows what Samsung's foldable clamshell could look like. Another recently uncovered patent shows off potential improvements to the phone's folding mechanism.


The Galaxy Fold is only the first of many foldable designs from Samsung.The Galaxy Fold is only the first of many foldable designs from Samsung.

Given the high price, the Galaxy Fold is definitely a niche device, but it could very well find an audience among early adopters who want to be the first to own a foldable phone, assuming they're not put off by the Fold's initial stumbles. There’s also going to be competition from the likes of the Huawei Mate X, which has an even bigger screen, as well as foldable phones from Oppo, TCL and others.

We will keep you posted on the Galaxy Fold once Samsung settles on a new launch date for the phone.

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