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Fujitsu's T2010 Swinging Tablet PC

Fujitsu’s T2010 Swiveling Tablet Goodness


Convertibles aren’t just for cruising the roadways of California anymore; they’re for mobility-seeking road warriors, too.

There are a lot of reasons why a tablet PC makes sense for certain uses. There are also a lot of reasons why someone would want a notebook. Then, there is the middle ground where you want the best of both worlds, and that is where the convertible notebook/tablet comes in.

Fujitsu’s T2010 is one such convertible device offering both tablet and notebook modes in an ultra-compact chassis sporting a small, but very bright 12.1" wide screen. There was a time that convertible notebooks were neither good notebooks nor good tablets. But with the T2010, Fujitsu is trying to change that perception.