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Flexit Lamp Bends Light to your Will

No, it's not a cybernetic psionic appliance that allows you to change the path of photons, although that would be awesome. What the FlexiT lamp does is provide you a light source that you can tailor-fit to almost any requirement.

16 Bright LEDs are mounted on the patented Shape-loc™ silicon frame. This bendable silicon body retains whatever shape you give it, allowing for a wide range of intensity and illumination. Curl it up for an intense cone of light, or outwards to bathe your room in a soft glow.

Whether you're looking for a multipurpose lighting solution for those hard-to-reach corners, or simply want to replace that outdated lava lamp, the FlexiT can shed some light on the situation.

[source: Striker Hand Tools via Redferret]