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Fiik: The Motorized Off-Road Skateboard

Fiik skateboard's 'Big Daddy' makes the entire world your play area. Featuring a massive 800-watt electric motor, Fiik's creation can run up to 23 mph and travel for 30 km (or 22 miles) on a single charge. After a long day of touring the off roads, simply plug your Big Daddy in for 3-4 hours and it's ready for some more action.

The Big Daddy, along with Fiik's other boards, are controlled via a handheld wireless remote that works together with an eco-friendly electric motor and abs braking system. The only downside to this fun-filled ride is its price. Priced at $1,600, the Big Daddy's price tag might be out of the ball park for some, but as you can see in the video below, it would be an awesome investment.